Project Bond Funding

Bond Funding

ABOUT BOND FUNDING: Bond Funding is a fast, low cost, non-recourse way to
finance many types of Real Estate and Non-Real Estate projects.

Benefits of Our Bond Fund:

  • Up to 100% LTV
  • Must have 1% Liquid Funds
  • Low Underwriting Fee
  • Flexible Repayment Terms
  • Direct to Lender

Eligible Projects

  • Apartment Complexes | Airports | Bridges
  • Construction | Rehab | Refineries
  • Resort | Hotel | Casino | Golf Course
  • Agriculture | Mining | Oil & Gas
  • Energy Projects: Solar | Wind | Waste to Energy
  • Arenas | Stadiums | Ports | Oil Field Production


Territory: North America and Europe/Asia (case-by-case)

Amount: $15M+ (USA) | $20M+ (International)

Underwriting Fee: On a Case by Case Basis

Terms: Creative Financing Structure Available (negotiable)

Points: Fee paid at Commitment

Interest Rates: Current Market Rates

Third Party Reports: Client is responsible, at client expense, for any and all reports,appraisals and any other type of 3rd Party compilation about the project.


  • Brief description of the nature of the project, and its location. (Executive Summary)
  • Resumes required on the principals.
  • How much capital have the principals invested into this project, and specifically how were those funds allocated?
  • How much are the principals looking to borrow?
  • What is the total amount of hard equity the principals are contributing?
  • What are the other assets that the principals will contributed to the project?
  • Do the principals have title to this property?
  • Do the principals have all the necessary entitlements?
  • Specific breakdown of the funds you are seeking.
  • We need projections — showing the anticipated annual revenue and the net income of the project for a three year period.
  • Current financial statements are required from the principals or entity.
  • Exit strategy

Call Rob Renk @ 303-521-7622

* 144A: A 1990 SEC rule that facilitates the resale of privately placed securities that are without SEC registration. The rule was designed to develop a more liquid and efficient institutional resale market for unregistered securities.

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