SBA Loans

What is a SBA Loan?

An SBA loan is a small business loan offered by an SBA approved financial institution, typically a bank, and guaranteed in part by the U.S. Small Business Administration. Our SBA loans have an automated application and are for amounts between $5,000 and $350,000. Through automation, we reduce the typical bank SBA lending process from months to weeks after the application is complete. Our SBA loans offer longer terms, lower rates, and lower monthly payments than other loan options.

How long does it take to get my funds?

After completing the application, you can receive your funds in as fast as 7 days. Most loans only take a couple weeks. Remember, the faster you send us your supporting documentation, the faster we can fund your loan. With your help, the process moves very quickly.

Who is eligible for a SBA Loan?

Many small businesses are eligible for a SBA Loan. Following is a summary chart of eligibility requirements.

Business Requirements:

  • Minimum 2 years in business with 2 years of tax returns filed
  • U.S. based business
  • Owned by US citizen or Lawful Permanent Resident
  • Owners are at least 21 years old

    Cash Flow

  • Minimum cash flow coverage to support loan payments

    Business Owner Personal Credit

  • Minimum personal credit threshold met
  • Late payment threshold met

    Public Records

  • No outstanding tax liens
  • No bankruptcies or foreclosures in past 3 years
  • No recent charge-offs or settlements

    Specific SBA Criteria

    • No criminal record other than minor vehicle violations (2 or fewer misdemeanors may be considered; please contact us to discuss)
    • Current on government-related loans

    Use of Proceeds

    • Working capital, business acquisition, and business debt refinancing not secured by real estate (including cash advances, business credit cards, equipment leases, business lines of credit, etc.)


    Our team is experienced in originating and closing SBA loans. We have been designated as a Preferred Financial services company by SBA Lenders to have loans processed more quickly and efficiently than many others. Loans can be closed in as little as 30 days.

    We have the expertise and resources to provide complete loan packages for most businesses.

    We have relationships with the leading preferred lenders in the marketplace and can provide fast and efficient solutions to your SBA loan needs.

    We provide SBA financing through the SBA guaranty program for the following needs:

    • Real Estate Acquisition Loans
    • Business “Start-Up” Loans (ALL Franchises, Motels, Restaurants, Gas Stations and C-Stores)
    • Equipment and Inventory Loans
    • Business Acquisition Loans
    • Working Capital Loans
    • Refinancing existing Commercial Loans
    • New Construction and Renovation Loans

    Benefits of SBA Loans Include:

    • Long repayment terms – reducing monthly payments
    • Free up cash to expand your business
    • Competitive fixed and variable rate options
    • No Pre-Payment Penalties on some loans
    • Low Down Payment of as little as 10% on multi-purpose real estate acquisitions and as little as 15% on single purpose real estate acquisitions
    • Financing available for most industry types and for-profit businesses including but not limited to; office buildings, warehouses, industrial buildings, manufacturing, car wash facilities, professional buildings, auto repair shops, bed and breakfasts, franchises, start-ups, single-use buildings, hotels/motels, gas stations/convenience stores, restaurants, assisted living facilities, and day cares.

    Commercial real estate must be at least 51% owner-occupied to qualify for an SBA Loan.

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