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Project Financing - EquiLease One

Project Financing

Quick | Simple | Project Funding

Get the Funding Capital You Need Today

Obtaining project financing through a bank or other traditional lending sources can be hard to get in today’s financial marketplace. We have unique funding options available.

We assist both new clients and brokers in matching their needs with the much needed funding sources that can provide innovative structuring and the necessary funding for your project.

We can help connect you with the lenders and investors who have capital to deploy into viable projects that are shovel ready.

Using debt and/or equity financing to acquire the capital needed to get your real estate transaction or project development fully funded.

Our Primary Goal is to get you the capital you need to fund your project today. By utilizing our funding mechanisms we can provide the capital necessary to get your project off the ground.

We are currently working with a funding group that will fund up to 100% of your project or commercial real estate acquisition.

For construction development projects it needs to be shovel ready within 90 days. We can provide up to 100% LTC. This can include the acquisition of the land, equipment, materials and all costs associated with the development and construction of the project.

Eligible Projects

  • Waste Management Projects | Treatment Facilities
  • Energy Projects: Solar | Wind | Waste to Energy
  • Resort | Hotel | Casino | Golf Course | Villas
  • Agriculture Projects | Food | Water | Processing
  • Apartment Complexes | Assisted Living Facilities
  • Mining | Gold | Coal | Oil and Gas | Bio-Fuels
  • Government Projects | Infrastructure | Garages
  • Recycling Plants | Power Plants | Manufacturing
  • Non Real Estate such as: Technology | Pharma | Major Business Expansion or Acquisition

Types of Funding Programs Available

  • Up to 100% LTC | Large Project Financing
  • Commercial Real Estate Transactions
  • Venture Capital | Joint Equity | Bridge Loans
  • Hard Money | Structured Products and Equity
  • SBLC | Bank Guarantees | LTN’s | MTN’s
  • Bond Funding | Monetization Financing
  • Distressed Asset Product | CMBS | EB-5
  • Sale/Leaseback | Hybrid Debt Program

If you have little cash into the project we would probably act as a JV partner for the first 3-5 years until the project is stabilized. As a JV we usually take between 15 to 40% of the project that will be paid out after the project is refinanced or sold.

What we are looking for is a developer that has had past experience and has already put an investment into the project, which can include earnest money, development plans, attorney’s fees etc.

This funding can be used to provide funding for your projects development and construction costs or it can be used to purchase commercial real estate that has a long term tenant in place and cash flows. These deals will be looked at on a case-by-case basis.

For Real Estate Acquisitions they can be office buildings, warehouses, manufacturing, and apartment buildings, to name a few types.

Please contact us with details on your transaction so that we can see if it will fit within their parameters.

For More Detailed Information Click Here

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