Deferred Compensation

Monetization Financing:

The conversion of current and future payment obligations from investment
grade entities into cash that can be used for any business purpose.

Deferred Compensation

The deferred compensation proceeds from a sports contract or executive employment agreement can become an immediate source of cash for an athlete or executive, today — rather than in the future, through the use of Monetization Financing.

We work with professional sports agents and advisors representing professional basketball players, baseball players, football players, and athletes in many other sports, helping put them in control of their own earning power sooner rather than later.

The benefit of these financial transactions is significant: a professional athlete or executive gets direct access to and control over significant portions of future cash flows due to be received over multiple years.

These earnings can be used to satisfy immediate obligations, or can be used for investment purposes, potentially generating additional future income.

We can structure benefit payments on a non-recourse basis, so that the professional athlete or executive receives and keeps the full benefit, regardless of what happens to their team, company or sponsor.  Athletes and executives can choose to monetize all or only a portion of their deferred compensation.

Sample Transaction :

A former first round draft pick of an NBA team negotiated a major pay package that included $20MM in deferred compensation to be payable over the next 10 years.

In this case, the player’s representatives negotiated that the deferred compensation be structured in the form of an annuity to guarantee the future payments.

We can utilize Monetization Financing to provide the player with cash today – the present value of all or part of the
future payment stream.

This is done at very competitive rates without any fees.

The player now has the benefit of the money to invest as he chooses to.

Where Monetization Financing Works Best:

Simply stated we offer the best financing package available to investment grade entities – low interest rates, no equity or board seats, no covenants, no oversight and done in a quick and efficient manner.

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Industries Where Monetization Financing is Working:

  • Waste Management
  • Water Purification
  • Green Energy (Power Purchase Agreements)
  • Recycling
  • Medical
  • Waste-to-Energy Facilities
  • Retail
  • Wind Turbines and Solar
  • Communications
  • Oil and Gas
  • Entertainment
  • Wastewater Treatment Plants
  • Banking
  • Food Processing
  • Legal
  • Education
  • Municipal
  • Nearly all industries can be approved!

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