Franchise Funding

Franchise Funding

Franchise funding is sometimes difficult. Over the years we have found an excellent source for funding your franchise expansion plans or even for your first unit.

Franchises we have worked with run the gamut from Firehouse Subs to Jimmy John’s to Papa John’s and Subways to Ace Hardware, Jiffy Lube, Minute Maid and so much more.

New concepts or established, we can get them done!

Almost always, they get denied somewhere else and then come to us for financing.

Why would a business choose us for financing for their franchise? Because we have over a hundred lenders that give us a wide array of options for the franchisor including start-ups and multiple store financing.

We have:

  • Non-bank SBA lenders that do NOT require collateral for approval
  • We can do second store financing less than a year after opening your first location
  • We have conventional financing for businesses with multiple locations
  • We can operate in ALL franchises even restaurants, and we can do most with only 10% down(except start-ups which always need 20% for a first location start-up)

Contact us today so that we can discuss your franchise funding needs and put together a plan to get the financing you need for your expansion or for your first unit.

Use the contact form on the right and make sure you give a quick overview of what you are looking to do and your best contact information so that we can get in touch with you in a timely manner.

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Here is a recent franchise funding example:

A new concept, Burgerim, with zero locations opened in the US at the time they came to us last year needing financing for their franchisees. They were big internationally but had ZERO stores open in the US at the time and they were struggling to find anyone to do their loans. We took them on as a client, pitched their concept to multiple aggressive sources and slowly found some lenders willing to do 2 or 3 of them. We have just closed on 3 of them, have another 2 next week and 8 more already approved in the pipeline.

Visit Burgerim for more information on their stores and their franchising opportunity.