Do You Remember Shake A Puddin

I was just thinking the other day about Shake A Puddin’. I guess this shows my age, but I used to like making chocolate fudge pudding that way. Of course I didn’t dance like they do in the video of the ad below, but it was fun to make and if I remember it tasted pretty good.

Another food I remember from back then was Space Food Sticks. They came in various flavors and supposedly the astronauts consumed these in space along with gallons of Tang.

It was a more simple time back then. I really enjoyed being a kid. We weren’t inundated with what not to eat and when not to play. Today our kids are bombarded by do-gooders, who I believe when well, but are actually causing more problems in the long run, because they are wrong more often than not when they push their agenda.

So I guess we can still shake a puddin’. It was only an ad gimmick. I thought it was something special. Go figure.

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